Online Casinos in New Zealand

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As we all know, it is hard to find an online casino in NZ you can trust.

The internet is filled with thousands of websites presenting themselves as the best.

That is why we have compiled a list of tried and true top rated casino sites in New Zealand.

Whether you are in the mood to play some virtual pokies, or looking to bet in your favourite casino table games, we've got your back.

Online Gambling

Playing online casinos is completely legal in New Zealand. You should be aware that online casinos cannot be registered in New Zealand (unless they are registered with TAB). What difference does it make? Essentially, by playing online casino games from companies based outside of NZ, you are not contributing to the country's economy. Another major difference is in the variety of prizes and turnovers. The 2003 Gambling Act puts restrictions on the maximum prize and winnings that individuals can receive when playing online gambling games in New Zealand. For this reason, many Kiwi players turn to offshore online gambling sites which offer desirable rewards and flexible min/max win brackets. Not to mention, it can be a pain trying to play your favourite casino games, when you live in a country that only has six casinos in total.

Best Casinos in New Zealand for Kiwi Players

So the question is where do you find the best online casino in NZ? and the answer is simple - right here. We have compiled a list of carefully selected websites you can trust, especially if you are looking to play with NZ dollars. Check the list below to find the top six Kiwi casinos online and have a look at the reasons we have provided to learn why we think our casinos are worth your time! Here's a glimpse of a review we wrote for Rainbow Spins Casino New Zealand that covers all the essential info for the site. Make sure to check it out!

List of Best Online Casino Sites in NZ

Without further ado, here are the top 6 online casinos in New Zealand:

CasinoWhy We Picked It
GenesisM#1 Online Casino NZ
Stay CasinoTop Choice For NZ Players
Rainbow SpinsTop Online Casino in April 2022
Skol CasinoExcellent Offers for Kiwi Players
SportazaPlay Online Pokies
WildzMost Popular Online Casino NZ
WildpharaoTop Rated Casino in NZ

Gambling in NZ

Lots of New Zealanders like to gamble, there is no doubt. While you can leave your house and visit a land-based casino or place some horse bets, we shouldn't forget we live in the modern world. There is so much variety with online games nowadays, it would be a shame to pass on the opportunity to try online versions of some classic casino games.

Play your favourite games the standard way or mix it up a little and try the many exciting thematic alternatives. Or if you are tired of the same old thing, you could even learn to play a new game, and open your horizons to the abundance of fun and surprising spinoffs available. But most importantly, remember you can do it all from the comfort of your home, completely hassle free.

Best Paying Online Casino

Should we save you some effort and point you straight to the best paying and top rated casino website? Gate 777 has stayed on top of the food chain since 2010. Despite being one of the most recent contenders on our list, they go above and beyond to offer a wide selection of thrilling games, and they keep adding and updating with new versions all the time. Another obvious perk is the free registration, so if you're eager to try one of their games, you can do it right away. Here are some other excellent benefits you will get by signing up with this top rated casino:

  • VIP rewards Lounge
  • Mobile Gaming Access
  • Powered by over 120+ Developers
  • Welcome Bonus

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